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Why Choose a Mattress from our Therapeutic Range

Why Choose Natural Sleep? At Natural Sleep, we take pride in the knowledge that each of our mattresses is designed to relax and support you so that you can get the best possible night’s sleep. Our mattresses are created using layers of natural materials such as latex, which contours to your body shape and relieves […]

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5 Helpful Bedtime Tips for Asthma Sufferers

For people living with asthma, consistently getting a good night’s sleep is an ongoing struggle. Because sleep is so essential to our physical and mental health, it’s important to cultivate good sleeping habits – focusing first and foremost on sleep hygiene – to help mitigate both day- and nighttime asthma symptoms and promote overall wellbeing. […]

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5 Steps Toward Building Your Post-COVID Sleep Routine

As the world begins to ease COVID-19 restrictions and people head back to working life post-lockdown, good quality sleep is more important than ever. With schedules changing and stress levels increasing, many of us have found ourselves flung out of our usual routines (or into bad ones) over the past year and, once lost, it […]

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Waking up in the middle of the night? Top tips for falling back to sleep

Waking up in the middle of the night and realising your alarm isn’t actually about to go off just yet is one of the most frustrating feelings. Trying to fall back asleep without concentrating on exactly how long is left until your alarm sounds can be very difficult. To help you re-enter the world of […]

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Sleep & Scents: How do fragrances help you sleep?

Scents have been widely used for relaxation and as natural sleep aids since the medieval ages. However, recent studies have shown that their uses are not just grounded in myth, but scientific fact. As each scent has a different effect on your body individual studies have been done on each. So, what scents help you […]

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What you need to know about buying a mattress

Do you wake up in the morning with stiffness and lower back pain? This could be because the mattress you are sleeping on is not suitable for you, or it may be too old with not enough support for your back and joints. When you are lying in bed you should feel no pressure, just […]

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5 tips to get the best night’s sleep

We all know that sleep is the best medicine, but with the responsibilities of our lives and the additional stresses of the Covid-19 crisis, it can be difficult to prioritise a quality sleep routine. However, studies show that the amount (and type) of sleep we get has a direct impact on our waking hours, and […]

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Could Your Mattress Be Behind Your Snoring? [Infographic]

We ran Ireland’s biggest sleep survey and discovered that snoring is one of the biggest disruptions to your rest. Over 35% of people admitted to snoring while 75% of respondents reported sleep disturbances due to snoring by their partner. In order to avoid interrupted sleep, it’s important to understand why you or your partner snore. […]

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Proven and successful tips to get quality sleep

Most individuals at some point in life have issues falling asleep at night. Studies show that 1 out of 5 people have sleeping problems. People who suffer from sleep deprivation feel tired and miserable during the day and are unable to relax their minds – directly causing stress and worry. Below is the super formula […]

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How a quality mattress can benefit your overall health

The ability to get adequate amounts of undisturbed sleep will have both an instant and long-term effect on your wellbeing. However, one of the biggest problems affecting this ability is the old, uncomfortable or damaged mattresses many of us are sleeping on. If you’re starting to forget when you bought your mattress, it might be […]

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