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Sleep & Scents: How do fragrances help you sleep?

Scents have been widely used for relaxation and as natural sleep aids since the medieval ages. However, recent studies have shown that their uses are not just grounded in myth, but scientific fact. As each scent has a different effect on your body individual studies have been done on each. So, what scents help you sleep? Three of the most popular fragrances which studies have shown to aid relaxation are lavender, vanilla and jasmine.

Lavender fragrance


Lavender is a purple flowering plant that is a member of the mint family. Its distinct floral scent is instantly recognisable, featuring in numerous soaps and perfumes. However, the lavender fragrance isn’t just used for its ability to add a beautiful scent to bath and body products. The fragrance also has the ability to positively modify your sleep patterns.

“There are probably as many uses for aromatherapy as there are essential oils, but research shows particular promise in their ability to relieve stress, stabilize your mood and improve sleep,” says Rupinder Mangat, cofounder and CEO, MEVEI, a New York-based company that produces natural essential oils. There are patterns to your sleep, Stage three is the stage of a deep sleep, during which your brain waves slow down. It is necessary to replenish your energy levels and accordingly, the participants in the trial reported they felt energetic and well-rested the morning after the lavender inhalation.

An additional study published in Phytomedicine, 2010, showed that lavender can also relieve general anxiety disorder, which affects rivalling benzodiazepines, a common drug treatment. An American sensory psychologist, Avery Gilbert, suggests that the reason for this is that the lavender scent decreases your heart rate, in turn placing you in a state of relaxation.

Vanilla beans and flower


Vanilla is the only edible species of the orchid family and has a sweet, comforting scent. However, it doesn’t only smell fantastic, it also has anti-depressant properties due to the ingredient vanillin. A study from Manipal University, India tested the properties of vanillin on mice and the results were the same as had they been administered with the anti-depressant Fluoxetine. A similar study at the Tubingen University in Germany showed that vanilla fragrance reduced the human startle reflex as it placed the subjects in a calmer state of mind. Therefore, vanilla aromas can lift your mood and help you to relax before sleep, allowing you to drift off with an easier mind.

Jasmine flower


Jasmine is a delicate, white flowering plant which new research shows maybe even more effective than lavender in aiding a good night’s sleep. Study reveals keeping a jasmine plant in your room helps reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Studies were conducted on mice and they discovered that the aroma of the jasmine plant and essential oils helped calm them down significantly. An article published in Science Daily, explored this theory further, citing research that the fragrance of jasmine relaxed users to the same extent as barbiturates, otherwise known as “sleeping pills”.

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