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Why Choose a Mattress from our Therapeutic Range

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Why Choose Natural Sleep?

At Natural Sleep, we take pride in the knowledge that each of our mattresses is designed to relax and support you so that you can get the best possible night’s sleep. Our mattresses are created using layers of natural materials such as latex, which contours to your body shape and relieves pressure; lambswool, which offers breathability and helps regulate body temperature; and natural cotton, which provides durability while remaining soft to the touch. The carefully positioned latex layers offer a hypoallergenic feature, reducing allergy triggers and naturally repelling microorganisms including pollen, dust, bed bugs and mites. In between, layers of supportive foam conform to your body’s shape and support your spine while you sleep.

We offer different mattress ranges, such as premium, comfort and therapeutic, in order to meet your every need. Discover how our Therapeutic range of mattresses is designed to provide the support and comfort your body needs for a good night’s sleep.

Why Choose from Our Therapeutic Range?

Our Therapeutic mattresses offer excellent orthopaedic and lumbar support and provide a range of health benefits, helping to correct spinal alignment, reduce allergy triggers, and regulate body temperature.

 Natural Latex

The Natural Latex mattress focuses on hygiene, ensuring a hypoallergenic environment without compromising on comfort or support. The layers of this completely organic mattress include 5 pressure zones that shape to your body’s curves, reducing motion disturbance and supporting your back no matter what sleeping position you end up in.

Nature’s Touch 

Nature’s touch offers superior organic materials so you can rest well knowing you’re leading a healthy, organic lifestyle. The lambswool and cotton layers of this mattress assist with temperature regulation to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and the latex layers reduce allergens and offer support. This mattress also includes a Spinal Zone system, which supports the lower back while you sleep.

Nature’s Finest  

The focal point of Nature’s Finest is comfort. This mattress includes 75mm of convoluted foam and knitted cloth that stretches two ways for a luxurious, plush finish. The sides of this mattress are also encased in foam, giving you extra space and a supportive edge so you can stretch out in the night and still wake up refreshed. Don’t forget, all of our therapeutic options offer increased support for your spine and lower back, so you can rest assured you will sleep in both style and comfort with Nature’s Finest.

Healthy Option

This mattress combines all of our best features, including memory foam for support, hypoallergenic materials, a soft cotton fabric, and foam-encased edges. With all of these features layered into one, the Healthy Option reduces your stress, revitalising body and mind during the night so you awake feeling invigorated.

At Natural Sleep, we know that when it comes to mattresses, one size never fits all. Our Therapeutic Range offers something for everyone, and you can sleep well knowing our natural and hygienic materials are protecting and supporting you. To find the mattress that fits all your needs, discover your nearest retailer.