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Could Your Mattress Be Behind Your Snoring? [Infographic]


We ran Ireland’s biggest sleep survey and discovered that snoring is one of the biggest disruptions to your rest. Over 35% of people admitted to snoring while 75% of respondents reported sleep disturbances due to snoring by their partner.

In order to avoid interrupted sleep, it’s important to understand why you or your partner snore. One of the most common reasons why people snore is due to an unsupportive mattress. We explore how your mattress may be a key cause of snoring at night and how you can rectify the issue.

How can your mattress cause you to snore?

Snoring occurs if your airway becomes partially obstructed while you’re sleeping. This usually happens because your reclined position causes the tissue in your throat to sag, making your breath rumble noisily past. However, this can be exacerbated if your head isn’t properly supported while you’re resting. Your lower jaw then lolls open, further obstructing your airway and causing the sound to start, or get even louder. If your mattress is not adequately supporting the curve of your back and neck, it could be directly causing your snoring.

Why doesn’t my mattress provide adequate spinal support?

One of the key reasons why your mattress might not be providing enough spinal support is because it’s too soft. Though super plush mattresses can seem like the comfiest option in the store, they may not provide you or your partner with adequate spinal support.

Equally, if your mattress is more than seven years old it’s likely started to sag, meaning it no longer helps your spine to align correctly while you rest. The impact to your sleeping position, in turn, causes your airways to become tighter, and snoring to erupt.

Ensure your mattress conforms to the curve of your spine

In order to prevent snoring from stealing your sleep, you need to ensure your mattress conforms to the curve of your spine. Regardless of your preferred sleep position, your spine should be kept straight in order to keep your airways clear.

In particular, your mattress needs to support your neck and head, to keep your breathing uninhibited and your bedroom snore-free. If your mattress is sagging too much to allow this, try to flip it over to find more support, or bite the bullet and shop around for a new one.

Consider a medium-firm mattress

While it might be tempting to go out and buy the firmest mattress you can find as a result of this information, this could actually lead to even more problems. Just like if your bed is too soft, if your mattress is too firm your spine doesn’t curve naturally. This again impacts your airways and can cause snoring to disrupt your rest. Instead, consider choosing a medium-firm mattress with memory foam or latex filling.

Our Ultimate Flotation mattress is the perfect example, as it conforms to your shape, while still offering support while you sleep! Additionally, choosing a mattress with individual pocket springs means it will mould to your body’s movements, helping your spine remain aligned while you sleep.

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