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What Does Your Sleep Position Say About You?

Sleep position chart

Have you ever wondered why you sleep in a certain position? The style you choose is actually connected to your personality! The acclaimed scientist, Professor Chris Idzikowski, undertook a survey with 1,000 participants to analyze the six most common sleeping positions.

His research found that our body language does not stop being relevant once we fall asleep, but rather becomes more revealing. To help you get an insight into what you’re disclosing while sleeping, we decided to compile a list of the characteristics connected with the six main positions:

1. Starfish

With only 5% of people sleeping in this position, the starfish position is among the most unconventional. The starfish position refers to when someone sleeps on their back, with their arms outstretched on either side of their heads. People who assume the Starfish position generally don’t appreciate being the centre of attention. However, they do make fantastic friends, are great at listening and quick to offer help when it’s needed.

 2. Yearner

“Yearners” are people who sleep on their side, with their arms outstretched as if reaching for something. 13% of the population are said to assume this sleeping position. Those who choose this sleeping position tend to be very open and inviting. They easily embrace new experiences and people. However, they counter this by being prone to cynicism and suspicion. As a result of this, they can be slow to make up their minds. Yet, once they make a decision they remain fixed and rarely change their minds.

 3. Foetus

The foetus is the most common sleeping position, with 41% of the population sleeping in this manner. This sleeping position entails lying on their sides with their legs curled upwards. Interestingly, twice as many women as men are recorded sleeping in this position. They are often described as being tough on the outside but sensitive at heart. When you first meet a foetus sleeper, they may be shy at first but will soon relax.

 4. Freefall

7% of the population sleep in the free faller position, lying on their fronts with their heads turned to the side, and arms wrapped around a pillow. These individuals appear to be confident extroverts, ready to add life to the party! However, this enthusiastic exterior can hide the fact that they take criticism to heart. They can be prone to nervousness and easily excited.

 5. Log

15% of people assume the log position when they sleep. Those who choose this position lie on their side, with their arms down by their sides. They are sociable and even-tempered, often being called social butterflies! However, this can cause them to be too trusting, opening them up to the risk of betrayal.

 6. Soldier

8% of all people assume the soldier position when they sleep, sleeping on their back with their arms by their sides. People who sleep in this position tend to be quiet and reserved. While they set high-standards for many aspects of their lives, they tend not to make a big deal out things.

We at The Natural Sleep Company hope you’ve found some insight into your (or your loved ones!) personality. Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page if you think the description of your sleeping position was accurate! For more information on sleeping positions, check out our previous blog post, Sleeping Positions – The Best and Worst.