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5 Simple Ways to Make Your Bedroom Sleep Friendly

Sleep Friendly Bedroom

Creating a sleep-friendly bedroom should be one of your foremost concerns when decorating your space. What you keep in your room has a direct correlation with how fast you fall asleep and how much sleep you can get. To help you make the most of your space we thought we’d share five simple ways to make your bedroom sleep-friendly:

 1.       Darkness

Light has a large impact on your sleep, indicating to your body when it’s time to fall asleep and wake up. To help you fall asleep quickly, try using a dimmed lighting control system. Gradually making the room darker replicates the natural dimming of light that occurs outside, helping your body produce the sleep hormone melatonin. Alternatively, try using lamps for lighting instead of the main light bulb. To prevent morning light from waking you up before you’re ready, install blackout blinds or thick curtains.

 2.       Noise

Noise is incredibly frustrating at night and can repeatedly wake you up. This can be as simple as a ticking clock (we recommend removing all-time devices from your room to reduce stress!) or as irritating as the barking of your neighbour’s dog.  If you can’t control the source of the noise, try white noise to cover the sound. This is available in different soothing sounds to help you drift off to sleep quickly. If you don’t feel ready to invest in a specialised machine, apps are also available!

 3.       Sheets

Choosing the right sheets goes a long way to creating a relaxing environment for sleep. Flannels and fleeces, while comfy, can cause overheating that disrupts your sleep throughout the night. To help you maintain the right temperature, try cotton or silks instead, as they allow the bed to breathe. Additionally, it’s proven that both the quantity and quality of sleep is improved by clean sheets. Keep your sheets fresh with a weekly wash and a linen spray in your favourite scent to soothe your senses.

 4.       Clutter

Having a cluttered bedroom can distract from sleep, keeping you awake at night. To make your space more sleep-friendly eliminate electronics that may tempt you before bed (the blue light they emit also keeps you awake!) and tidy away laundry and clothes regularly. Tuck away books and magazines into their specified shelves and make your bed each morning!

 5.       Solely for sleep

Keeping your bedroom solely for sleep can help turn it into a place of relaxation and rest. Leave the work files at the door and if possible watch movies and television in the sitting room instead. This signals to your brain that when you’re in your bedroom it’s time for sleep, helping you to drift off faster.

We at The Natural Sleep Company hope our tips will help you achieve the rest you deserve! For more sleep tips and tricks check out our previous posts or our Facebook page!