The Natural Sleep Company
Sleep Survey

As sleep experts, we care deeply about how the nation sleeps. To identify and
understand our friends’, neighbours’ and customers’ sleep needs, in 2016 we ran
Ireland’s biggest ever sleep survey - and the results are in.

The Results Are In!

We gained some interesting insights into the nation’s sleeping habits. Does your partner keep you
awake? Use your smartphone in bed? Toss and turn or sleep soundly? Keep reading to find out how you
match up to the rest of the country.

Who participated?

More than 1,800 people from all parts of Ireland completed the sleep study, and the geographical distribution of responses is broadly representative of the population as a whole. Surprisingly, Cork had the highest number of responses, beating Dublin. Maybe Cork people value their sleep the most! Over three quarters of the respondents were female, and just over a third of sleep study participants were in the 30-39 age group.

Female v Male

Provincial Breakdown

What keeps us up at night?

1. Racing Mind

Over half of respondents say they can’t sleep because of a racing mind. Our
hectic schedules don’t only keep us running during the day, but worries about the
week ahead and other stresses in our lives are preventing us from getting the
quality night's sleep we deserve.

2. Discomfort

Discomfort was named the second most influential factor in sleeplessness, which
indicates that many people in Ireland are likely to be sleeping on a mattress or bed
which does not fit their needs.

How long have we been awake?

The good news is almost a quarter of respondents, 22% to be precise, stated that they have no problem with their sleep. However, a worrying aspect of this sleep study shows that nearly 36% of people who do have issues with their sleep have had such issues for 5 years or more. This indicates that many people’s sleep issues may be in fact unrecognized sleep disorders. If this sounds like you, it’s best to seek medical advice to see what type of treatment is available.

How do we unplug?

A large proportion of respondents use their tablets, laptops and other handheld devices in the bedroom. A whopping 60% use their smartphone before bed. Although this is a complex issue, some studies have shown that the artificial light these devices emit can hinder sleep. Could this be another reason why people struggle with their sleep?

Who’s counting sheep?

People may try any number of tricks to get some shut-eye. But more than 40% of respondents
read to help them fall asleep. Isn't it amazing how a story can set our minds off wandering and
often help us get to sleep.

How much do we sleep?

Over 50% of respondents get 6-8 hours of sleep. This is what we call the sleep “sweet spot”, and on average it looks like Irish people are reaching it. However, 66% of these sweet sleepers would rate the quality of their sleep as average or poor.

How about naps?

Unlike our counterparts in southern Europe, the Irish people have yet to embrace the idea of siesta. Nearly 70% of survey respondents do not take naps during the day. Of those who do nap, 48% take naps just 2-3 times per week. Recent studies have shown that a nap of up to 90 minutes helps build and boost brain power, can benefit mental health and can reduce the risk of heart disease in men particularly.

Are we up with the kids?

More than half the people who completed the sleep survey have no problems
with their children keeping them up at night.

Who knew?

An amazing 37% of respondents did not know that they should buy a
new mattress every 10 years. There are a number of ways to know
it’s time for a new mattress. A new mattress comes with many
benefits, such as increased comfort, better support and even
alleviates allergies if it’s made from natural materials.

So there you have it:

Ireland’s biggest ever sleep survey is complete.

A big thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations to our one-for-all voucher winners! Feel free to contact The Natural Sleep Company for advice and assistance in choosing a mattress that will deliver the quality night's sleep you deserve.

If you would like to see the full list of results, Download PDF.